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AYAN ENERGY is an independent Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Group & operating its offices at various locations in Europe, Middle East & Asia. We are enjoying strategic locations & control sourcing from producers in the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Middle East. Our aim is to become a vertically integrated company through acquisitions of midstream and downstream assets worldwide.

AYAN ENERGY has made its mark as an independent LPG marketing company having first storage and bottling plant over an area of 50 acres, strategically located in the North-East of Pakistan at FIEDMC. We acquire cumulative storage capacity of around 3,000 metric ton with bottling capacity of 300 metric ton per day, enabled with state-of-the-art technology, which carries out the bottling of LPG at the safest level.

AYAN ENERGY has the largest infrastructure and downstream network country wide.The company is operating 30 co-location LPG bottling plants across the country to cater our retail network and distributors need.

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